Our origins

The Langhe and Roero have been a land dedicated to viticulture for centuries,
the environment is evocative and full of charm and the mountains frame steep hills and gentle slopes.

In 1959, in an extraordinary land of great wines and agricultural tradition,
the Cantina del Nebbiolo was born from 23 founding members.

Our history

In harmony with nature

The principles of sustainable agriculture, healthier and more attentive, stimulate our contributing members to enter into harmony with nature, with the awareness that they are the main actors of the "wine miracle". With the eye of those who are more attentive to the times of Mother Nature, small quantities of grapes produced under organic farming are vinified, making the most of the winegrower's effort.

The simple peasant tradition, passion and commitment are the constants that accompany research and experimentation in the cellar.

Luxuriant vineyards

On both sides of the Tanaro, the vineyards interpret the soil of the hill, the moods of the sky and the wise fertility of the Cantina del Nebbiolo vines.